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Growing While Living Focused

I’m sure most people may have heard or even said I tried mental health therapy and it changed my life. Well, that may sound like quite the cliche…right. Perhaps, there may be some truth to that based on the individual’s circumstances. I considered therapy and it gave me more insight and clarity with further consideration of ways to change my behavior/thinking, which improved my interactions with others.

It’s not to say that everyone will have and share the same experience. However, there are some things that people must consider when considering counseling:

  • Being open to the experience
  • What do I want to accomplish
  • What is the issue or problem at hand I’m facing or have been faced with
  • How will this make me better in life
  • Am I ready for change
  • Develop understanding on mental health and support/treatment available

Benefits/Outcomes of completing counseling

So now that I have some things to consider and have some understanding to the impacts of doing counseling; “Where do I start”:

  1. Check online and consider therapy services being provided to address some concerns or issues you may be having
  2. Consider therapist or therapy centers that offer counseling services near you
  3. Contact your health insurance provider to determine if you have benefits and eligibility for counseling services.
  4. Search “Psychology Today” online for information and some details about clinicians that provide counseling services in. 
  5. Also, think about the type of therapy of interest or needs i.e . individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, group counseling)

Lastly, be patient with yourself in the process.

Realize that change is inevitable, so why not prepare for it and consider getting the additional support needed!

Remember to grow through process by getting through it. 

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