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Dominique Marbley

Dominique Marbley

Dominique is a Licensed Social Worker and Qualified Mental Health Professional, specializing in tailored therapy services integrating various strategies to meet individual needs. Dominique aims to provide comprehensive support, addressing job stress, grief/loss, family issues, marital problems, and binge eating disorder. Embracing a holistic approach, Dominique focuses on trauma-informed care, guiding individuals to heal, fostering personal growth, and transformation to create long-lasting positive change.

Dominique specializes in PTSD, OCD, ADHD, mood disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders for both children and adults. Employing an evidence-based approach utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to facilitate changes in thought patterns and coping mechanisms, Dominique also employs Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, to address coping strategies and reactions to stressors. This comprehensive methodology ensures a holistic and effective therapeutic experience for clients seeking profound personal growth and healing.

Dominique supports self-exploration and growth, aiding individuals in seeking personal development, enhancing self-esteem, and exploring identity or life goals. Additionally, Dominique provides group treatment options for families and couples, facilitating collective support and growth within these relationships.